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7 advantages when booking with us

Besides making it very easy, affordable and clear to book an opera trip abroad we think there are many more important reasons to book your opera trip on our website.

1. The ability to customize your trip online

Thanks to our clever booking technique it is possible to customize your ideal opera trip with us, based on real-time availability. Book your football trip easily online, including airfare, hotel, opera tickets and any extras required, with the long-term experience of a Specialist Opera Travel Company.

  • Flight Choice - Choose your own flight from a wide variety of departure airports and flight times.
  • Choose a Hotel - For the destinations Verona, Prague and Milan, it is possible to pick a hotel of your choice from the selection online. You will also see the hotel location in relation to the opera house with the handy interactive map (Google Maps). For other destinations, choose the hotel class of your choice and then we will book your hotel based on the current availability.
  • Choose your seating category - Select your seats within your preferred opera house sections with immediate availability. Choose your seating section using the intuitive opera house plans (available for most destinations).

2. 100% Seating guarantee

The opera is obviously the highlight of your trip and we understand that you want to enjoy the performance together and be able to talk about your experience for a long time to come! Therefore we offer a unique guarantee. We guarantee that

3. Opera Protect guarantee

Despite our carefully planning, opera dates, unfortunately, may move and then do not fit in with your itinerary. If the performance is changed unexpectedly and no longer fits within your itinerary:

  • We will adjust your travel dates so that you can still attend the opera.
  • Amendment fees are covered by us, you do not pay anything extra
  • However, any additional hotel nights will be charged to you as this will be an extension of your stay.
    Read more about the Opera Protect guarantee.


4. NO Surcharges Ever and Total Prices Quoted

We believe that both parties should always work with total prices. Therefore after booking, we guarantee that there will be:

  • NO Booking Fee
  • NO Airport Tax
  • NO Additional Fees

5. Direct personal service

A perfectly organised opera trip is not enough for our standards; we promise to assist you at all times with nothing less than excellent personal service.

  • Expert Service Our expert travel consultants will help you by email or telephone, always offering personal, fast service and no costly phone calls or queues.
  • 24-hour Telephone Support During your Trip While we have booked your trip with the utmost care, we know that during the journey situations can arise where you may need our assistance. If necessary, we are available for you day and night so we can help you quickly. You will receive the relevant emergency telephone numbers in your travel confirmation.
  • Personalised Travel Information We have selected the best way for you to travel to the hotel, to the opera and the airport. You are guaranteed to travel completely hassle free when using our Personal Travel Confirmation.

6. Competitive prices

With us, you can choose your own flight, hotel and opera seating. You do this using our easy and efficient booking system. Of course we assist you where necessary, but basically, you are booking your own trip. We do not invest in expensive advertising campaigns as our satisfied customers are our best ambassadors. We are able to offer such low rates because of the special arrangement and bulk-buying power we have with all the vendors.

7. Book your trip safe and secure online

  • On-line payment at OperaTravel is simple and secure. The OperaTravel payment system is secured via Verisign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and SET (Secure Electronic Transaction), and takes place on a secure server, your payment and banking information will not be stored.
  • OperaTravel protects your privacy according to the applicable laws. We will never pass on your personal information to third parties. The privacy statement explains our methodology and handling of your private information.
    Read the full privacy statement.
Safe and secure payment
Safe and secure payment
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